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Imagine a small white house of only 8 tsubo. Here you will find gauze clothes, light as air and gentle to touch.
A place on a little street just around the corner at Daikanyama in Shibuya District. That's where that house stands.

We make clothes that make you feel the goodness of washed-out gauze, clothes you would want to wear again and again.

In our collaborations with about ten wonderful designers, from the same material, gauze, different ideas and silhouettes are being born. We use the natural colour of cotton as a base, plus colours that complement it, like black, brown and purple.

staple pieces
Rather than making fastly consumed products, we offer new products little by little, in our pursuit to make clothes that would become the staple pieces of one's wardrobe. We want our clothes to be loved till they are worn out and threadbare, so after they have served their purpose, those who want to wear the same clothes again could find them in our store.

made in Japan
ao is a factory-based brand with clothes being produced at our factory in Niigata, Japan. We stick to domestic spinning, sewing and dyeing to offer safe and trustworty quality of our clothes.

Eabout gauze
Gauze is a material which is made of loosely twisted cotton threads, coarsely woven. Gauze has ‚”he unique ability to absorb water well, breathe and dry quickly.
When double or triple-woven, gauze proves to be a warm material thanks to the air in between the layers.
This makes gauze not only a perfect fabric for summer season, but also suitable for the chilly weather.

Eao materials
At ao we try to preserve the often lost natural softness of cotton.
Rather than processing the material from its natural after-woven condition, we simply keep cotton's natural touch and quality.
The fine and transparent single-woven gauze, thermo-preserving double and triple-woven gauze sum up to some 20 variations that are used for our garments.

Egarment manufacturing
We pay great attention to seams, to ensure pleasant touch to skin. We use techniques like lap-felled seams in order to prevent seams from brushing against skin.

Efinal stage- washing
After a garment is manufactured, it is necessarily washed as a finishing touch. So quite different from the roughness of medically-used gauze, our gauze is soft and gentle to skin. It feels so good, its just like wrapping up into a sun-warmed blanket.

ao daikanyama
10-4 daikanyama-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN 150-0034
11:00-19:00 open, tuesday closed

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